Token Flow

In the diagram below you will see a breakdown of all possible cashflows that could be generated by the project. They will all share funneled approach to reward sharing through $Venom (VNM) tokens.
All shared percentages are funneled into the liquidity pool rendering them as non-taxed yielding system. This means that you do not trigger a taxable event until you choose to exchange your $Venom tokens for ADA via the decentralized liquidity pool on a DEX (based on USA tax law).
All percentage shares will be held in ADA on a delegated wallet. This will act as a reward pool. It will be fueled by the following sources of revenue every 30 days.
  • 3% of net profit from WMSY real estate platform
  • 40% of the minted block rewards
  • 50% of secondary NFT royalty sales

How are the rewards used?

The rewards are accumulated every 30 days to the delegated wallet to allow for 5 epochs to complete to increase chances of producing block rewards. All of these rewards after the 30 day hold are then deposited to the liquidity pool by buying back $Venom token. These tokens will then replenish the NFT staking reward pool to distribute out to the actively staking.

The break down is Net Profit + Royalty + Staking Rewards = Total Liquidity Provided

Token Flow Diagram