Whimsy's platform transactional currency


Venom tokens (VNM) are a native token that runs on the Cardano Network. Venom tokens are the only transactional token that is used in the Whimsy ecosystem.
  • Token Name: $Venom (VNM)
  • Total Supply: 150,000,000
  • Purpose: To function as an in-platform transactional token for the minting of shards and to be used as a reward for member loyalty for staking monthly.
  • Policy ID: 9ba6488cb62372e06f02db2ed0902e09de50082eb521a63c8977002a
$Venom is now available on Minswap.

Claimable Venom Rewards

Venom rewards can be claimed in the following ways:
  • The Platypus Lab Dashboard after the initial NISO is complete
  • From the Whimsy dashboard after each utility pool epoch

Staking Dashboard

This dashboard where you can control all things from delegating, staking individual NFTs and claim your rewards will be launched in tandem with our NFT minting. All of us at Whimsy believe whole heartedly that we need to earn trust in our community and that is only possible through our actions. You can learn to stake here.

What do I get?


Platypus Cyberpunks NFT

Holders of this NFT will be able to claim an airdrop of VNM tokens that are associated to each Platypus NFT. You have to have the NFT in wallet and staked on the main WMSY staking pool. After the NISO is complete you will see a claim button appear in the staking dashboard.
If you sell you NFT on the secondary market you will lose your rights to your airdrop. The tokens are claimable from the holding wallet that claims them.
Our NFT Initial Staking Offering (NISO) will reward early adopters with $Venom tokens every 30 days when staking to the WMSY stake pool. You require the Platypus Cyberpunk NFT to gain access to the NISO. If you are a Paddle Gang member you have been rewarded a free airdrop of the Authentication Card which if present in the same wallet you have delegated to the WMSY pool will give you additional multiplier perks to the staking.
$Venom will be available as a payment option from within our Whimsy real estate platform. You heard this correctly. You will be able to purchase property shares with your $VNM tokens.
$Venom is also our value transfer token. Meaning that you can exchange your $VNM rewards for other tokens on Minswap. $VNM is currently available via our ADA/VNM pairing. Soon many other tokens will be available for exchange. This becomes even more interesting when you account for the token flow structure that our solutions operate on.
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