Our mission is to leverage Cardano blockchain technology to revolutionize what it means to invest in real estate. By building a fully sustainable tokenomics ecosystem that leverages real-world real estate income and marrying it with Cardano's Proof of Stake technology. Building a world where everyone can participate in what it's like to own a real estate rental business without all the pains that come with property ownership.

Platypus Cyberpunk

The NFTs and solutions provided under the Platypus Cyberpunk name are a subsidiary of Whimsy.LLC.

Real Estate

Each property on the future Whimsy platform is listed with the intention of selling equity. The equity percentage being offered will be associated to Property Tokens that are minted & locked on the Cardano Blockchain. These tokens will act as your proof of ownership and as a wallet reference for your equal percentage share of the net rental income.

Expanding the Cardano Blockchain

As properties are added to the platform, each will have their own unique staking pool created. This creates a way to sustainably continue expanding the Cardano Network since the properties will be generating the first initial pledges after the shard minting sells out.


We aim to educate our members with video, chart and data content. These will cover basics to advanced topics on real estate investing, legal entities and strategies. These education services will be provided for free (No purchased necessary) via our Youtube channel.