Paddle Gang Authorization Card

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
Paddle Gang Authorization Card
  • Total Supply: 100
  • Minting: Jan 31, 2023 (Complete)
  • Distribution: Those with synced wallets that have the "Paddle Gang" role will receive these NFTs as free claimable mint
  • Purpose: This is a way to transition the ownership of this role from discord and onto the Cardano blockchain. (perk details here)
  • Policy ID: 756c4627cd9eaa9fc142bda573772471bd6a21c57b43e0cfafb7f50f


  • Project Alpha
  • Private Discord channel
  • Access Paddle Gang minting event
  • Access White list minting event
  • Voting privileges for major project decisions
  • 1.2x VNM Staking Reward Multiplier for WMSY Pool (Stackable)